Why You Choose an Exposed Aggregate Finish for Your Concrete Paving

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Planning a concrete paving project at your home? It is for good reason that exposed aggregate is a popular choice for a lot of homeowners. Whether you are laying a concrete driveway, patio or walkway, revealing the aggregate hidden in the concrete paving is great a finishing option for your outdoor application.

Here are a few points to explain why.

Great Visual Appeal

Like it or not, your concrete paving is going to impact the appearance of your home's exterior. For this reason, it is important that you choose a finish that increases the kerb appeal and value of the property. Exposed aggregate concrete is known for its matchless natural beauty. It reveals beautiful and colourful stones that create a spectacular effect and give the concrete surface a one-of-kind look. 

The best part is that the exposed aggregate creates an effect that is unpredictable. This is because the exposed stones can never be the same for any two projects. It is the uniqueness of each stone that makes people look forward to seeing the results of their exposed aggregate finish.

Excellent Slip Resistance

Ever walked into a building and seen a 'Slippery Floors When Wet' sign conspicuously placed on the interior walls? Concrete floors with a smooth finish tend to be a safety hazard when wet, and this is why building owners with such floors are usually required by law to install safety signs to inform people about potential slip hazards. 

Unfortunately, similar signs might not be as effective when installed outside because it might be difficult to keep concrete paving dry, especially on rainy days. This is where exposed aggregate concrete comes in handy. 

Unlike plain concrete, which has a smooth finish, exposed aggregate concrete has a rough texture. This helps to reduce or eliminate the risk of slipping on wet concrete paving. 

Increased Durability

Exposed aggregate concrete is not only beautiful and slip-resistant but also hardwearing. There's no worrying about the fine particles of the concrete surface getting damaged from exposure to heavy traffic as the stones step in to take the brunt of normal use. 

While exposed aggregate concrete also requires some level of maintenance to remain intact and keep looking its best, it requires relatively less maintenance attention when compared to other types of concrete finishes.

Besides being colourful and beautiful, exposed aggregate concrete is also durable, low-maintenance and slip-resistant. Seek out a professional to learn more about exposed aggregate.