Aggregate or Concrete? What's the Best Choice for Your New Driveway?

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You may go to great lengths to maintain your home in a certain condition and be particularly keen to ensure that it "looks" a certain way. You have a certain theme that you're trying to follow, and everything has to be in its place so that you can present the right type of image when visitors arrive. As you want everything to be less structured, you may have dealt with a gravel driveway up until this point, but you're not happy with ongoing maintenance problems and feel that you need to take a different approach. Maybe you need to replace your driveway with exposed aggregate, as this could be a better option with all things considered. 

Options Galore 

Some people may think about brushed concrete in this scenario, and it's certainly an option you could look at. However, with exposed aggregate, you have a greater degree of choice and will have hundreds of different colours or finishes to choose from to help you match the décor of the house. Concrete can give you some options, but nowhere near as many as aggregate and you may even be able to add some quartz to the mix when the product is laid down, to add a little bit more sparkle.

Durable and Accessible

You will certainly notice a difference when you lay down some exposed aggregate instead of your loose surface gravel track. This update is far more durable and will put up with any of those pesky rainstorms perfectly well. It will be able to cope with larger vehicles without causing an issue, especially if you have to deal with an incline when approaching your property.

In fact, traction may be an issue when visitors leave the public road and enter your property. In this case, you should definitely choose exposed aggregate rather than brushed concrete, as the latter choice can be rather slippery in poor weather conditions.


You may also be proud to help the environment and make sure that everything you do is sustainable. Exposed aggregate is made from recyclable materials captured from within the building industry and as such should be a perfect choice for you. Remember, you'll be able to recycle your driveway in the years ahead, should you choose a completely different approach at that time.

Making Your Selection

Talk with your driveway contractors and see what they suggest. You're likely to select exposed aggregate and may well find that it is cheaper to install than concrete anyway.