Options in Decorative Concreting For Your Exterior Flooring

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When it comes to resurfacing exterior flooring, some people will gravitate toward plain concrete because they tend to prioritise how functional the material will be. Nevertheless, what they may not be considering is how much of an impact their choice of exterior flooring will have on the visual appeal of their property. While concrete is incredibly durable, it does not have to be boring. There is a vast array of ways that this supply can be customised to ensure that you curate a pleasant aesthetic on your driveway, kerbing and flooring. Moreover, decorative concreting is affordable, so you do not have to be concerned about overinflating your resurfacing budget. Below is a brief look at just a few of the options in decorative concreting that you could deliberate on for your exterior flooring.

Acid staining

The first popular technique used in decorative concreting that you could consider is acid staining. This method remains a favourite for both interior and exterior concrete applications as it provides a simple solution to transforming the grey concrete into a uniquely designed surface. Furthermore, the process of acid staining is quite straightforward. Thus, your concrete contractors will not spend hours on end decorating the surfaces. The acid staining process begins with the application of acid pigments directly onto the concrete's surface. These pigments steadily seem into the porous concrete and in turn form intricate patterns on the slabs. Acid staining also add a glossy effect on the concrete surface, which not only makes it shinier but also improves its durability by enhancing the surface's resistance to weathering.

Stamped overlaying

Another method you could contemplate to decorate concrete is via stamped overlays. Whereas traditional stamping needs to done when the concrete is first laid, stamped overlays do not require the slabs to be torn out for the process to be initiated. Instead, the contractors will apply a layer of fresh cement directly onto the pre-existing surfaces. Once the cementitious coating is in place, the contractors proceed to stamp it in accordance to your preferred texture. Hence, it is a brilliant solution if you are looking to mimic the appearance of other premium flooring materials such as brick, terracotta or even natural stone! An additional advantage of a stamped overlay is the flexibility to be as creative as you want with colours. The combination of both unique textures and original colouring is guaranteed to make your exterior concrete flooring stand out.