Three Simple And Inexpensive Concrete Contractor Services That Will Transform Your Old Concrete Driveway

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If your concrete driveway has seen better days, then you may be considering ripping it out and installing a brand new one. This may not be an appealing option, largely due to the big expense and the big disruption that are involved. Fortunately, even the most ancient concrete driveways that look beyond repair can generally look like new with these three simple and cost-effective services by a professional concrete contractor.

1. Crack repair

One of the main issues facing old concrete driveways is the cracks that develop due to time, exposure to the elements and the heavy pressure from cars. These cracks can be repaired quickly and easily by your concrete contractor. They can seal up the cracks, which also strengthens the concrete structure and prevents further cracks from developing.

Concrete cracks are repaired by injecting a liquid compound into the cracks. This epoxy or polyurethane based compound then rapidly sets, both filling in the space within the cracks and binding to the surface of the concrete.

2. Surface grinding

Another common problem with old concrete is damage to the surface of the concrete from wear and tear, impacts from heavy items and exposure to chemicals that stain and erode the top layer of concrete. These issues can be rectified by your concrete contractor by using a specially designed concrete grinding tool.

Grinding will strip the top layer of the concrete off, removing stains and pock marks. Often, this task is followed up by using a concrete sander, which has a finer grade than a grinder and acts to polish and refine the surface of the concrete. This will give your old concrete driveway a pristine finish.

3. Surface sealant

Once your concrete driveway has been repaired and sanded, the next step is to add a sealant to keep it in top condition. This can be a simple epoxy based sealant that creates a waterproof and weatherproof membrane over the concrete or a more decorative finish to add style and aesthetic appeal as well.

There is a wide variety of different finishes that you can use to complete your driveway restoration project. These can be simple, textured finishes in a neutral colour or more elaborate finishes that effectively replicate the look of natural stone products such as slate, sandstone, marble and granite.

Restoring your old concrete driveway is a highly effective and inexpensive way to update the front of your home. Contact your local concrete contractor to find out more details and to discuss the different options for finishes that they have available.