3 Reasons to Use Precast Concrete in Your Nursing Home Construction

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If you're a nursing home industry professional looking to build a new home in Australia, one of the things you'll want to talk to your construction team about is materials. It's important to be well-informed about materials yourself so you can communicate your needs effectively to your builders. One of the best construction materials for a nursing home is precast concrete--panels, slabs, and various forms of concrete that have been molded and cast off-site before being transported to your land. Here are 3 reasons why precast concrete will be a great choice for you.

It Keeps Residents Healthy

One of the biggest struggles for any nursing home manager is keeping residents healthy. Aging residents can suffer from a wide variety of health concerns, one of the most common being respiratory conditions. That's why it's crucial to make sure the construction of your new nursing home is conducive to good health. One of the biggest contributors to poor respiratory function is poor indoor air quality, which is often even worse than outdoor air quality. Indoor air quality is usually negatively affected by VOCs--volatile organic compounds, which can come from construction materials. Precast concrete is one of the best construction materials for low-VOC builds because it's constructed with low emissions in mind and keeps pouring-related VOCs off your land. Thick precast panels also act as a barrier to moisture and other outdoor intrusions that make air quality lower.

It Improves Fire Safety

Fires are one of the worst disasters that can affect a nursing home. Coordinating the escape for a whole home full of residents can be exceptionally difficult, especially  when you have multiple residents with low mobility. While wooden structures can go up in flames quickly, making escape near impossible, concrete does not burn. Using precast concrete will ensure that your building is as fire-resistant as possible and help keep any fire outbreak compartmentalised so it can be contained before it causes fatalities.

It Speeds Up Construction

When you spot a gap in the nursing home market, it's important to get your build constructed and up and running as quickly as possible to prevent intrusion from competition. Unsurprisingly, using precast concrete in your home's construction will dramatically speed up the process. This allows you to start generating revenue as soon as possible. A fast construction also means you can start advertising to potential residents earlier without fear that they will no longer need your services by the time your building is complete.